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Important notice concerning DDKWizard

DDKWizard currently supports creation of projects for Visual Studio .NET through 2008, so it does not work for newer versions. As of April 2016 I have new plans to resume development. For newer Visual Studio versions, please consider using VisualDDK. It is also FLOSS, although it's a compiled language.

Downloads for DDKWizard and DDKBUILD.CMD will continue to be available from the respective download sections via Bitbucket.

What is DDKWizard?

Shows the DDKWizard option dialog.
Figure 1: Driver wizard dialog
(click to enlarge)

DDKWizard is a so-called project creation wizard that allows you to create projects that use the DDKBUILD scripts from OSR (also available in the download section from this site). The wizard will give you several options to configure your project prior to the creation. Have a look at figure 1.

Shows the 'New project' dialog of Visual Studio 2005 with DDKWizard installed.
Figure 2: Project creation dialog
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Instead of forcing you to use a subset of options and specific DDKs this wizard lets you choose what you want. Of course the template files are predefined and so is the content of the project(s) within certain limits. However, I tried to choose the best options that I could think of and provide a way to create quickly and easily the DDKBUILD project you want. This means that I tried to leave out those things that may limit your choice lateron and add other options that will give you the flexibility to change options quickly long after the project was created.

DDKWizard adds a new subfolder in the project creation wizard - see figure 2 - and presents all supported project types there. Currently these are Driver, Empty Driver, Native Application, Win32 console application and Win32 DLL. In either case you just choose the type of project to create, give the name of the project and/or solution as well as other options (at the bottom) and you are being presented the wizard dialog (see figure 1). From the wizard dialog you choose the DDKBUILD script you want to use, the DDK or multiple DDKs as well as the other options. If you are curious about the Property Sheet feature, please download the manual and read the respective section there.


DDKWizard has been tested on the following configurations:

From this list one can deduce that it is supposed to also run if you got the respective "non-Express" Visual C++ version. Also if there has been some Visual C++ .NET 2003 Express DDKWizard is prepared for it.


You could go watch the demo or download right away:



All projects created by DDKWizard can be put under whatever license you like to put them. The scripts and HTML files which contain the DDKWizard logic are subject to the zlib license starting with version 1.2.0 and the MIT license or the zlib license starting 2016; before it was released under the GPL v2 from 1991. The zlib license is a lot more liberal and allows just about any kind of use for the script and "user interface" part of DDKWizard.
The DDKBUILD scripts are mirrored with the permission of OSR. The .cmd version is essentially a rewrite of the original version 6.x .bat. I will try to keep it synchronized at all times.

Everything else

Contact me here and also visit my website. Note that I usually announce new versions of DDKWizard and DDKBUILD on my blog - you also might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for DDKWizard and DDKBUILD. This page will be extended whenever I deem it necessary.

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