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Important notice concerning DDKWizard

DDKWizard has been abandoned. A much superior project-creation tool exists for driver writers and should be favored. Feel free to continue DDKWizard, as it is FLOSS. If you need web space for hosting, simply contact me, it shouldn't be a problem.

The other project is called VisualDDK and comes with accompanying tools, including one to integrate with the kernel debugger. It is also FLOSS, although it's a compiled languaage.

Downloads will continue to be available for DDKWizard, though - at least for the time being.


You could go watch the demo or download right away:

Trunk version of DDKBUILD.CMD

The version from trunk is available as well. Please note that this is not necessarily the same version as offered in the ZIP archive above. It may be in a better shape (e.g. reported bugs fixed) or slightly worse (e.g. new feature that is not yet stable). So use this version only if you want to test the latest development version and are able to provide feedback.
Here is the link to the prettier ViewVC URL: ddkbuild/trunk - SVN clients get read-only access here.


All projects created by DDKWizard can be put under whatever license you like to put them. The scripts and HTML files which contain the DDKWizard logic are subject to the zlib license starting with version 1.2.0, before it was released under the GPL v2 from 1991. The zlib license is a lot more liberal and allows just about any kind of use for the script and "user interface" part of DDKWizard.
The DDKBUILD scripts are mirrored with the permission of OSR. I will try to keep it synchronized at all times.

Everything else

Contact me here and also visit my blog and my website. Note that I usually announce new versions of DDKWizard and DDKBUILD on my blog - you also might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for DDKWizard and DDKBUILD. This page will be extended whenever I deem it necessary.

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